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    Damien's Past Empty Damien's Past

    Post by Crowen on Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:01 pm

    Most space marines consider themselves reborn when they first awaken from their sarcophagi. This was especially true with Damien. He awoke with no memories prior to his ascension into a brother of the Dark Angels. This proved to be a boon however for because of this his faith was unusually strong even for a space marine. Damien took to his studies with a particular zeal not shown in most new recruits and soon rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a Sargent in the role he most excelled at, the scout. He was a good leader and lead by example, personally taking down dozens of enemy commanders with his trusty stalker bolter. He ensured his squad was always at the right place at the right time, hitting hard and then disappearing back into the night on their scout bikes, eventually earning his squad the nickname "Damien's Wraiths". On one particular mission against the eldars' darker kin Damien and his Wraiths encountered **ERROR** **DATA ENCRYPTED** vnruaruibplrgnupareu poea traitor hrna;srouhglaproug Fallpa kjbrgiqkewhbgfsjnknf;ubvi heavy fire arksjnvbriaknr;luttygha;nvmxznpaouhyruht32hiabgvasjhguria casualties sksdjl;nvgiseln; Only Damien survived. Though his mission was a failure he was immediately inducted into the Ravenwing were he honed his skills at high speed reconnaissance and assassination. Damien has recently been sent to the Deathwatch to atone for his failure on that fateful mission.

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